Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimming with Dolphins

Well we're back from the first half of the teeth pulling exercise with Brittany. Because she's having 4 out, two on one side top and bottom and two on the other top and bottom, they do it in two lots. She's been worried all week about it, probably due to her having to have some baby teeth out when she was a lot younger and it being traumatic for her, so I was a bit concerned about how she'd go. They numbed her up (the absolute worst part) and she wasn't quite so happy, they took out the top one and she cried a bit but then when they did the bottom she didn't make a peep.

On the way home we took her to the supermarket to get some treats - yummy soup for lunch and some icecream and I praised her on how well she did, especially the last one and her response:

'Well I decided wriggling my toes wasn't working (my idea of a good distraction technique) so I pretended I was Swimming with Dophins and it worked. On Wednesday I think I'm going to imagine something different but I'll definately use that technique again'


It's always hard to see your children anxious about things and know that although what they're having done is for their own good, you'd just like to be there in their place. Poor Brittany though has been through so much in her short 12 years that there are times I'd just like to wrap her in cotton wool.

As she herself said though - It'll be worth it at the end and at least she's having the braces now at 12 so it should be all over with by 15. She also made another comment that made me giggle:

'I'm so glad I have contacts now as can you imagine - glasses and braces, book always in hand and excellences galore, I would have been a total nerd'

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