Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A good day and a bad all rolled into one!!

Today Mark and I both had the day off work and we took the kids to see Harry Potter. Really enjoyable movie and we would totally recommend it. In fact it did not seem like we sat there for 2 hours and 40 mins and to me that's a sure sign of a good movie. One tip though - don't take black knitting to the theatre LOL!! Luckily I had a pink knit as well, just in case I finished the black (always the optomist but at least it meant I had a back up).

Of couse I sit there looking at the costumes and I'm most pleased to see them wearing jersey's. Probably shop bought but one of Hermione's looked like it could have been a hand-knit. However she had a hat and scarf that she wore a couple of times that were really nice and even if shop bought they could be converted into hand-knits. I'm sure a pattern will pop up sometime soon, or a picture at least so I can try to find one similar. All colourworks it would be interesting to do. I actually have something similar in a Rowan book, however the colourwork is just at the bottom of the scarf, Hermione's was completely covered in it.

Now comes the bad bit - we then took the kids round the mall to spend some of their birthday money and I ended up fainting in Whitcoulls (book store), a crowd of people stood round me, including I find out afterwards (as I was pretty in-coherant while on the floor) two police, an ambulance was called and I was karted off to hospital. Goodness, I've never fainted before in my life and luckily they can't really find a reason for it but I've been ordered to visit my GP for a barrage of tests. I suspect it was because we went from the cold theatre (why are they always cold!?!) to the very hot mall (and why are they always hot!?!)

I must say it was a very scarey thing and I'm now pretty tired but at least I'm home and well. Mark said he knew I was feeling better in the hospital when I asked where my knitting was :-) A sure sign!!

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