Friday, July 3, 2009

I have a 12 year old

As of last week the youngest member of our house is now 12 (well not counting the dogs!!)

I cannot believe my baby girl is 12, that's only one year away from 13!!! Then I will really have two teenagers in the house, well offically anyway - for all intents and purposes Britt behaves like a teenager already.

Following in our normal tradition we had a birthday 'week'. Starting with a party on Sunday, the birthday in the week and peppered through it lots of visitors. Also cards from family in England and friends in New Zealand meant there was something to do with her birthday happening every day.

Apparently this was one of her best birthday's EVER! It's much nicer to have a birthday at her new school than her old don't you know. Lots of fuss was made of her from being sung Happy Birthday in tutor group, having to carry round a ballon from her tutor teacher, getting to brag about her pressies, having even the seniors know it was your birthday and then being sung Happy Birthday again in French (a real highlight although only the French teacher actually knew the words haha!)

I can't tell you what a joy it is to see your child so happy and feel so loved. Her day at school was an absolute highlight and I am once again so very grateful that she was accepted into her school. Now we only hope it continues.

I have to put up a photo here - this is one of my favorites of the huge lot we took - there is a small story behind it - her good friend bought her this HUGE box to open. The first layer had another box in it and this tiny present. Open present, then open next box to find a giant ball and this:
Yes that's a bag of $10 pick and mix lollies - her friends know her so well, I'm just amazed that there's still over half left!!

Plus she just looks so happy - giggling her head off.


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