Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hats, hats and more hats

This week has been taken up with knitting hats.

This is a lime one I started and have now finished (but no finished picture yet). I've also done a dusky pink, red and halfway through a cream one - phew!! Not quite as bad as the week I had 8 to do but still a fair whack. The biggest issue with the hats is they're keeping me from my ballet cardi that I'm designing - just when I get all excited about it I have to be a grown up and do what needs to be done rather than what I want to be done haha.

Over the weekend I have some socks and Mary-Janes to do and then I can go back to the Cardi - well at least while Mark and I are watching TV I can, as the knitting will have to give way for some sewing in the next couple of weeks. My Niece has asked me to make her a ball-gown for the end of July. That will be a challenge but it will give me a very good excuse to get my new toy out of the box (that's it to the left!)

I bought it about a month ago and as yet it's still sitting in there. Grand ideas to do clothes for myself and Britt but with all the knitting not a chance. Sam's dress will do the honors of being the first item on it :-)

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  1. Busy busy as a bee, I have been getting the sewing itch too lately, I have bought 4 patterns and some material, Now I just need to clear a space on the table for the machines, lol