Monday, June 15, 2009

My banner - how hard could it be???

So when I set up my ETSY store a month ago I asked my son if he thought he could do me a banner. Not a problem was the reply. Of course though his computer game came first but finally, after a little Mum nagging, he started. I drew him an outline of what I'd like it to look like, very simple, and using my photo:
He went away and started work. After a little more Mum nagging the image was ready and he asked for payment - payment??? After explaining that no, he wasn't getting paid for this, I went to upload it to find it had this superimposed over the top of it: 'this image has been deleted due to non-payment'. Funny lad!! That's fine I said, but I hope you have fun learning how to use the washing machine, cooking and shopping for yourself, paying your own bus fare to and from school etc. He pondered this and decided that yes, payment wasn't necessary so went to upload my banner.

This time he thought it would be funny to have the words 'Made by Gareth XXXX, I work for free' under it. Hmmmm, I'm begining to think it was a mistake asking him to do this!!!

However, once the words had been removed, it turned out the banner was the wrong dimensions. I'm stating to get a headache at this point. So back to the drawing board. New banner appears only this time he's been working on it at school (getting enthusiastic about it now he was!) and when he brings it home it not only is the right size, it fades in and out, the words come and go and to be honest, should ETSY have sound it would probably sing to you to!!

So, I am still without my plain simple banner and now Mark is working on it. I'm of the opinion that I should just pay someone from ETSY to design me one but no, he's dead keen to get it right for me (and yes, I'm very grateful that he is willing and wanting to do so :-)

Hopefully I'll have a banner soon.


  1. That is hilarious!!! Your son sounds like a keeper :)

  2. He is, and yes life is never dull round here, he has a wicked sense of humor :-)