Friday, June 5, 2009

Only I could do it

So I finally get around to starting a bog a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had much time to dedicate to it yet but did a couple of posts. Went to log in today to discover that somehow in my haze of little time I managed to use an e-mail address that wasn't valid!!

Goodness knows how or why but I did a combination of my work e-mail address with our xtra bit on the end. Although we have something like 8 alias that are tagged onto our xtra account, this wasn't one of them. Ugh!! So that meant that I was unable to verify my blog and that the other stuff we have through google accounts were on a different e-mail. Dumb, dumb, dumb me!!

I suppose it's one disadvantage to having 2 computer genius' in the house as I never do anything for myself, I'm a click and point kind of gal and should anything get too complicated (and yes, dummy that I am, that includes googling stuff!) I either yell Mark or Gareth and one comes to help. In my defense of my dumbness though, the boys being computer genius' means we have a computer each (so 4 in the house and actually I think the boys have 2 each but I don't keep up with that so much!), a network, server and a funny modum thing that even xtra don't like to fiddle with so if I touch anything or do anything wrong I'm in big trouble - One day I managed to wipe all the settings on the modum and I wasn't very popular.

So the upshot is my old bog has been deleted and I've got this new one that is attached to all our other bits. Sorry to the 2 people I know who've found me and now have to find me again LOL.

I'm almost all caught up with my knitting so as long as I get that done this weekend then next week I'm going to sort the blog out properly.

Bye for now

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