Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Set

I've been working on and off this set for a couple of weeks - my 'at home' knitting.  However because there hasn't been a lot of 'at home' time, only a few rows got done a day!  Didn't matter, I had Thursday off before it was needed to hand over so all was cool I thought.  Until Thursday turned into a horrible day with the two, what was supposed to be quick, appointments the kids had.  UGH.  However I did get all but one bootie done and as baby isn't actually due for another month I'm not too stressed over finishing it off LOL.

This was based on a Phidar pattern, but modified.  You can still tell that it's the same jersey however the whole knitting process is changed.  The French do some strange things with their knitting - I mean really, knitting a band seperately and then sewing it on!?!  No thanks, that just makes for more seams.

I'm very pleased with it but there are still things I'd change if I do it again.  I've knitted it with minimal seams anyway but the way they do the neck line was pretty weird so I'd change that and I'm not sure if I'd so the rolled hem again.  Their wool was an acrylic blend where as mine is merino and I think that has a big effect on the rolling - the acrylic would stay in place better where as the merino just wanted to keep on rolling back up, even after being blocked.  An alternative hem would be just a couple of rows of double rib instead and I still think it'd look cute.  Also I wouldn't make the cufffs quite as long as they are.

I've managed to churn a bit of knitting out lately so there will be more updates soon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I LOVE the rain and the cold and the miserable weather

and I always feel guilty over it.  While the rest of NZ is flooding and schools are closing I'm here thinking 'ohhh, please stay cold and miserable'.  

I don't know what it is but Winter has always been my favorite season.  I honestly think it's because I'm a knitter.  In winter I get to wear my lovely knitwear.  I get to wear my scarves, hats and wrap up warm in jeans and jersey's and jackets and have the heater's going so it's cosy inside.  

On top of that I get to KNIT with no guilt - no thoughts of 'oh but I should be outside gardening' which is my summer guilt inducer.  And lately, knitting is what I've been doing (and some sewing too actually).

I've done a few new things - scarves for one and a secret project - and am currently working on a set for a friend at work who's leaving to have a baby.  Here's a hint:
I'm totally loving this set and think I will make it a new product.  I also have other new products to make up - some gloves, more scarves and a new design hat.  On top of that I have new wool - organic merino in colours TO DIE FOR!!!  They're just soooo nice and bright - something I've not found before in the organic.  Can't wait to start using them, which will be later today as I have a 4 day  weekend - YAY!!

Keep warm everyone and even if you don't enjoy the horrible weather like I do, I hope you use it to rest and relax like I am :-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Super Duper Proud of my Boy!!

So I just have to write a little post about it.

G is doing NCEA this year.  He's a typical boy, not wanting to study or really do much work at all however he recently had his first big internal assessment for English.  Now English is NOT his strong subject, no way, no how, not at all.  In fact if I'm honest, the most we were hoping for was a scrape through.

However, in his first assessment, being creative writing, he came home with THREE (yep you read that right - three!!!) excellences for it (they mark in achieved, merit, excellence - it's a most confusing and tricky system and gives you big headaches trying to work it out).

On top of that it's been submitted to Scholastic for publication in a school journal.  Woohoo.  I'd put it up here, it's really an amazing peice of writing, but as it's been submitted it's not allowed to be published anywhere else (and OK they probably won't care about Mum's blog but I'd hate to risk it just in case) until a decision has been made which takes 3 months.

I'm doing a happy dance I tell you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sucky Things ..... Again!!

My Grandad died just under 2 weeks ago.  That makes it 3 deaths this year, 4 in the last 6 months.  Honestly, if someone else close to us dies soon I think you'll find me curled in the corner rocking.  Then the nice men in their white coats will have to come away and take me to a comfy padded room!!!

In the meantime life is busy, B has something on 6 days out of 7 after school plus speech and drama and guitar in school plus her Dr's and orthandontist visits.  It's starting to get to us both - she's tired, I'm tired, and we're both crabby.  Thank goodness G doesn't do much!!  I'm working on some coping strategies - lots of vitamins, a good diet and rest at night.  Serves me right for thinking life would get easier as they got older LOL.

On a less sucky note - the puppies are ultra cute now.  Starting to walk and make sounds and play fight - soooo funny to watch.  They both have new homes and while I did think it would be easy to see them go, we're now very attached.  They do add extra work to my day though - especially as I'm starting to wean them and soon it'll be toilet training time - so when they do go at least that will be one less chaotic thing.  Only 4 weeks to go - I can't believe how fast the last 4 have gone!

Monday, May 3, 2010

We have puppies!!

And sorry but I've been very slack at letting you know!!

Born on the 17th April, Harper had 5 puppies but sadly only 2 survived.  The other 3 were stillborn and while we can guess at why, we will never really know.  It was very sad :-(

However, the other two are thriving.  Harper is such a good Mum, it's so amazing how they know instinctively exactly what to do.  As there is only 2 they're not in competition with anyone so they're taking their sweet time about things having only just opened their eyes and their ears still not open.  They've gained so much weight that they're just round little fatties.

It's fun and I'm getting quite attached, which I didn't think I would do, and I'm looking forward to being able to play with them.

Here are some photos:

On the right is when they were firstborn and the left is 2 weeks later. You can just see where they are starting to open their eyes.

Here is a couple of cute photos,
both when they're around 2 weeks old