Monday, May 3, 2010

We have puppies!!

And sorry but I've been very slack at letting you know!!

Born on the 17th April, Harper had 5 puppies but sadly only 2 survived.  The other 3 were stillborn and while we can guess at why, we will never really know.  It was very sad :-(

However, the other two are thriving.  Harper is such a good Mum, it's so amazing how they know instinctively exactly what to do.  As there is only 2 they're not in competition with anyone so they're taking their sweet time about things having only just opened their eyes and their ears still not open.  They've gained so much weight that they're just round little fatties.

It's fun and I'm getting quite attached, which I didn't think I would do, and I'm looking forward to being able to play with them.

Here are some photos:

On the right is when they were firstborn and the left is 2 weeks later. You can just see where they are starting to open their eyes.

Here is a couple of cute photos,
both when they're around 2 weeks old

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