Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Waddling Dog

Harper is pregnant - YAY!!

After all that went on the last few months when she came back on heat I decided I had enough to worry about than trying to send Spencer away for a week and then all the organising for the reintroducing so we went to the vet and had AI.  It still seems wrong though but Brittany is calling it a virgin birth and gets great pleasure out of telling everyone!

Now the countdown is on.  Brittany has a calender on her wall and ticks off the days - only approx 17 to go.  I do feel sorry for her, she's fat as so hopefully that doesn't mean there's a lot of puppies - not that I mind a lot, but it would be hard on her if there were - and instead means that because she's so little she's showing more.  I'm looking forward to having puppies to play with for a couple of months, I mean what's cuter than a Cavalier puppy??  Nothing in my book!!

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