Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mmmmmm I LOVE Fridays

I really spend Mon-Thurs just waiting for them.  A day to myself, mostly, with a chance to catch-up with friends and fellow crafters, go the gym without rushing through a work-out and craft all I want.

Tomorrow is no exception really, apart from the fact that my DH has decided to have the day off as well.  I had grand plans and so did he.  Mine involved, gym in morning, going out for lunch to Petone and hitting the numerous, boutique stores down there that I love so much, especially the antique ones as I'm looking for something 'special' to use as a prop at the next Craft 2.0.  Perfect day really!!

His involve programming.  Yep, programming.  Something you do with computers.
B O R I N G!!!!

So we're in disagreement.

What I think will happen is:  I will go the gym, I will then go down to Petone by myself, wander the stores and then bring lunch home.   He will quickly eat lunch and then go back to his programming. 

At least I still get to craft right?

Actually what I then think I'll do is work in my sewing room.  It still looks like a bomb hit it but it's sort of an organised bomb now.  I have just bought a really wonderful old manrobe and I'm really looking forward to getting that up there for storage.  It won't be here till Sunday (thanks Dad) but I should be able to continue to tidy and leave a space for it to go.  I'm actually reorganising the whole room so it's taking a lot longer than I wanted it to.  Means it'll be super organised though.

Hope you all have great Fridays and if you're working - cheer up, tomorrow's the weekend :-)