Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sucky Things ..... Again!!

My Grandad died just under 2 weeks ago.  That makes it 3 deaths this year, 4 in the last 6 months.  Honestly, if someone else close to us dies soon I think you'll find me curled in the corner rocking.  Then the nice men in their white coats will have to come away and take me to a comfy padded room!!!

In the meantime life is busy, B has something on 6 days out of 7 after school plus speech and drama and guitar in school plus her Dr's and orthandontist visits.  It's starting to get to us both - she's tired, I'm tired, and we're both crabby.  Thank goodness G doesn't do much!!  I'm working on some coping strategies - lots of vitamins, a good diet and rest at night.  Serves me right for thinking life would get easier as they got older LOL.

On a less sucky note - the puppies are ultra cute now.  Starting to walk and make sounds and play fight - soooo funny to watch.  They both have new homes and while I did think it would be easy to see them go, we're now very attached.  They do add extra work to my day though - especially as I'm starting to wean them and soon it'll be toilet training time - so when they do go at least that will be one less chaotic thing.  Only 4 weeks to go - I can't believe how fast the last 4 have gone!

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