Friday, May 14, 2010

Super Duper Proud of my Boy!!

So I just have to write a little post about it.

G is doing NCEA this year.  He's a typical boy, not wanting to study or really do much work at all however he recently had his first big internal assessment for English.  Now English is NOT his strong subject, no way, no how, not at all.  In fact if I'm honest, the most we were hoping for was a scrape through.

However, in his first assessment, being creative writing, he came home with THREE (yep you read that right - three!!!) excellences for it (they mark in achieved, merit, excellence - it's a most confusing and tricky system and gives you big headaches trying to work it out).

On top of that it's been submitted to Scholastic for publication in a school journal.  Woohoo.  I'd put it up here, it's really an amazing peice of writing, but as it's been submitted it's not allowed to be published anywhere else (and OK they probably won't care about Mum's blog but I'd hate to risk it just in case) until a decision has been made which takes 3 months.

I'm doing a happy dance I tell you.

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