Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I LOVE the rain and the cold and the miserable weather

and I always feel guilty over it.  While the rest of NZ is flooding and schools are closing I'm here thinking 'ohhh, please stay cold and miserable'.  

I don't know what it is but Winter has always been my favorite season.  I honestly think it's because I'm a knitter.  In winter I get to wear my lovely knitwear.  I get to wear my scarves, hats and wrap up warm in jeans and jersey's and jackets and have the heater's going so it's cosy inside.  

On top of that I get to KNIT with no guilt - no thoughts of 'oh but I should be outside gardening' which is my summer guilt inducer.  And lately, knitting is what I've been doing (and some sewing too actually).

I've done a few new things - scarves for one and a secret project - and am currently working on a set for a friend at work who's leaving to have a baby.  Here's a hint:
I'm totally loving this set and think I will make it a new product.  I also have other new products to make up - some gloves, more scarves and a new design hat.  On top of that I have new wool - organic merino in colours TO DIE FOR!!!  They're just soooo nice and bright - something I've not found before in the organic.  Can't wait to start using them, which will be later today as I have a 4 day  weekend - YAY!!

Keep warm everyone and even if you don't enjoy the horrible weather like I do, I hope you use it to rest and relax like I am :-)

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