Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Set

I've been working on and off this set for a couple of weeks - my 'at home' knitting.  However because there hasn't been a lot of 'at home' time, only a few rows got done a day!  Didn't matter, I had Thursday off before it was needed to hand over so all was cool I thought.  Until Thursday turned into a horrible day with the two, what was supposed to be quick, appointments the kids had.  UGH.  However I did get all but one bootie done and as baby isn't actually due for another month I'm not too stressed over finishing it off LOL.

This was based on a Phidar pattern, but modified.  You can still tell that it's the same jersey however the whole knitting process is changed.  The French do some strange things with their knitting - I mean really, knitting a band seperately and then sewing it on!?!  No thanks, that just makes for more seams.

I'm very pleased with it but there are still things I'd change if I do it again.  I've knitted it with minimal seams anyway but the way they do the neck line was pretty weird so I'd change that and I'm not sure if I'd so the rolled hem again.  Their wool was an acrylic blend where as mine is merino and I think that has a big effect on the rolling - the acrylic would stay in place better where as the merino just wanted to keep on rolling back up, even after being blocked.  An alternative hem would be just a couple of rows of double rib instead and I still think it'd look cute.  Also I wouldn't make the cufffs quite as long as they are.

I've managed to churn a bit of knitting out lately so there will be more updates soon.

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