Friday, July 24, 2009

Grump, Grump, Grump

I was so very excited to find the pattern for Hermione's Hat and Brit was so totally over the moon that I wanted to get it finished ASAP. We looked everywhere for the right shade of grey and I found it, just a tad darker than the picture but that was fine, at Nancy's in Wellington - the lovely, lovely Debbie Bliss Rialto Merino (a yarn that I haven't used before but I must say I am very pleased with.) I bought one ball, it had a generous meterage so I figured one would be enough as the pattern called for a Paton's merino that I knew had 92mtrs a ball, and what do you know, I've run out!! With literally only the decreasing to do so 11 rows in total. :-(

How can that be I asked myself? so I looked up the yarn over the internet to find that overseas the Paton's merino is sold as a double ball with 205mtrs in it - arghhhhh, I should have looked first.

*SIGH* so now I've lost my mojo, I was all hyped up thinking I'd have this done and dusted today ready for her to wear and wear and now I have to wait till tomorrow before I can duck into town and get another ball. Lesson here is check and double check.

On a positive note though today at Craft 2.0 I got some beautiful sock wool from the lovely needlefood ( I'm very impressed and was really restrained only buying 3 hanks.

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