Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thinking Hurts the Brain!!

I've been thinking a lot about the direction I would like this blog to take. What it's intended for, the things I want to post about, how much I want to share and/or if I want it to only be an advertising platform for Supurlative?

I can answer a definate NO to the last one - personally I find blogs that simply blow the maker's own trumpet a bit boring, if I want to know how wonderful you are, I'll check out your feedback or products myself thanks, in fact, you telling me how good you are sort of puts me off. (I should add here after re-reading this - this doesn't actually apply to any bloggers I do follow, more those that I've come about in 'blogland' and I soon stop reading. Also it is my opinion, doesn't make those that blog like that bad or wrong, it's just how I feel about it :-)

As to the rest, that's quite hard. The blogs I like to read, and read often, are those that share a bit of everything - a little advertising, a little bit about latest products and a little home life. They have funny, sad, serious and not so serious stories, posts about techniques and new creations and forward planning and yes, that's how I would like this to be. However the reality is that this is open for the world to see - hey that's the point isn't it - so how little (or big) is what I need to decide on.

I'd like to share everything - that's the sort of person I am, open and outgoing, I find it hard to keep secrets when it comes to me (don't worry I can keep other people's!) but if I'm excited about something I like to tell people and IRL I often do LOL!! However, that's probably not the best idea in the WWW. So I guess for now I'll keep thinking about it but if you're out there reading this I'd love to hear your views on it and what you think makes for good blog reading.

However I will share this with you: I had a tooth out on Wednesday and man it's #$%^*&^ sore :-( and I can't even complain, mope about or tell people how much it hurts (so I'm telling you!!) because my darling daughter has to have 4 - yes that's right - 4!!!! out next week . So I have to be brave and pretend it's a breeze and doesn't hurt and all the other things us parents have to do so our children are OK when it comes to these things. Her's will be a lot easier as they've not been there as long, as proven when Gareth had his 4 out, but she's already freaking out about it so if I act like it hurt she'll freak even more.

Then in a month's time I'll be in even more agony as we fork out $ for her braces ;-)

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