Monday, August 17, 2009

Dances, Boys and Cars

My daughter went to her first proper school dance on Friday. What a hoot!! She and 3 of her friends spent the week talking about it, deciding what they were wearing (a dress, but it had to be casual) and organising how they were getting there and back again. Since we had Gareth to also pick up (his school 'hosted' it and even though it's a different year level he's in training to be one of the senior lighting guys), one of the girls staying the night and we have an 8 seater we said we'd pick them up. A bit disappointed this meant they only got to go up in the 'cool car'. Rather offended I was busy saying what was wrong with my car? - well apparently B's Dad's car was just 'really cool'. Thinking it was a shiny, new car there was no way I was expecting this to pull up the drive way:

Yep - it was a COOL CAR!!!! Had I known what to expect I would have had the camera at the ready. Hopefully next time.

Mark and I then had a couple of kid-free hours, always a plus we ate homemade pizza, drunk wine (well I did, he was driving) and caught up on some TV without interuptions - bliss!! Then we went and picked the girls up.

On the way home we got to hear the intimate details of the dance and how many boys they danced with - including the amusing story of the 'embarassed farter' - oh to be young again!

We managed however, to lose our son to the call of packing down the lights and he was being dropped off hopefully before 11pm. As I was still sitting up at 12pm, with Mark gone to bed as I'd had the lie in that morning, I was busy thinking that this was probably the start of sitting up waiting for the kids to come home and that we're now entering a new stage of parenting. Making sure they're kept safe while still enjoying what life has to offer. It's going to be an interesting few years ahead I think .........


  1. How exciting and scary at the same time, Your baby girl is talking about BOYS, thank god they are just talking about "hot air" lol

  2. I know!!! She danced with the most (4) however, she did have to ask them haha! The funniest thing was when they were talking about one of their classmates slowdancing all night with a boy and *insert giggly scream here* she kissed him *insert general yucks and horror noises* Hopefully the yucks and horror noises will continue for a few more years!!!