Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pirouettes, Pliés and Tutu's

Well OK, babies can't actually do the first two but they can wear tutu's and it sounded good having some French in the title!!

Baby's First Ballet Cardigan:

I'm so over the moon at how this turned out! I have to admit I had help - I had the Classic Shepherd pattern that I used when Brittany was doing ballet as how I wanted it to look overall and I had my secret weapon that helped me size it (I'm sure how I did it meant that it took extra time but it worked!) and I had an old vintage pattern that I sort of incorparated as well. However, combining all those things meant I ended up with this lovely, lovely cardi. I didn't do the classic wrap around tie as Babies spend most of their times lying down and a knot at the back would dig in so for comfort, it ties at the side instead and has a pop over the otherside. Also because I hate bulky seams it is almost entirely seamless - only where the arms attach are there seams. I'd love to try to convert it to a top down and have none at all - maybe next time I knit it :-)

Knitted in Treliske 8ply organic merino means that this cardi is super soft and honestly, you just want to cuddle it all day!! The yarn is just soooooo divine, if you're a knitter and you're out there reading this I can't recommend it enough. In fact here's the link to their store - I've used most of their wool and am really happy with it all - how it knit's up, how it looks and how it feels.

Also, as you can see, Jane once again did a beautiful job of the photos, here are some more just to show off how totally scrummy it is:

Now I just need a photo of Charlotte (it's owner!) wearing it and I'll be even happier :-)

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