Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Finds

As Friday is my-day (actually not today I had to work dern it!) I have decided to do a feature each Friday on people that inspire me and things that I love. It's a longish list so far and it was hard to know where to start. I always believe in that old-fashioned saying 'start at the begining' but actually I'm not going to sorry!! I'll save that one for later. Today I'm actually going to start at the end - my latest and bestest find!!

Actually that's a fib - she found me and I'm mighty glad she did. Drum roll please ........ Meet:

The wonderful gorgeous Jane has been taking product shots for me. Just have a look:

This was my favorite (until she sent me my latest shots and now I cannot for the life of me decide which is my fav!!). It's her beautiful daughter Ella masquerading as a wee boy - now don't worry - it won't traumatise her in later life! I've used it as my avatar on ETSY and Raverly and on my new business cards that are winging their way here as I type (well I hope they are - hurry up business cards!!!)

These are: my Treliske Organic Merino (yum, yum, yummmy yarn!!) tassel hat, my Debbie Bliss Mary-Janes and a Cocoon that I've done for Jane to use as a prop.

Below is a photo of three of my original designs (no patterns sorry - they're up there in my head at this stage):

I love this photo - it's such fun!!
These are just a few I have - you'll see more popping up as I put up posts about my finished objects :-)

So, as I'm sure you can see she fabulous!! Her photos are so darling and her ideas such fun - go check her site out and have a look (and become a fan) of her facebook page (OK I'm an idiot, I cannot get the facebook link to go small - help anyone??) but you can find it through her website.
Both my kids are having a little protest over any photos at the moment due to braces but as soon as they're over that I'm so going to get her to do a shoot of them too - it probably won't be quite as pretty as my products and it will probably involve a lot of arguing but I'm sure she'll sort them out and provide us with masterpieces.

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