Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Finds

OK, OK, it's actually Saturday here in NZ - so I'm running late, that's pretty much the norm for me sorry :-)

Today it's all about the craft I don't do. I pretty much do them all - I knit (no, really?), sew, embroider, scrapbook, mosiac - probably easier to list what I don't do and that's paint (just cannot get the hang of it!) and crochet.

However I don't need to crochet as if I ever need any I'll just ask the super-talented Janis to do it for me :-) Janis not only crochets she is constantly making up new designs as well, in a matter of days!!! I am totally in awe of the wonderful stuff that she's constantly doing.
Not only does she do all that but she's a pretty darn good friend as well. She's really helped me out over the last few months with my ETSY store, on raverly and for some good old fashioned venting when needed - I don't think I've actually ever said it properly but thanks Janis - it sure is appreciated!

You can check her out here:

and just to tempt you here are some photos of her latest creations

Go check her out - it's well worth a visit and if you want to see Janis' blog - it's there to the left under blogs I follow :-)

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  1. Awwww you made tears come from eyes, I think they call that an emotion, lol, You don't every need to say thank you, Just pay it forward :-) Luffs you Janis xx