Saturday, September 11, 2010

Milly turns 3

Recently I had another dilemma, Milly was turning 3 and I had NO IDEA what to get her. 

What do you get the child who's mother owns a toy store????

So ... I decided to put together a little art pack and in it included a handmade crayon roll.  Mad on Winnie-the-Pooh I used some fabric I had here for the outside, a contrasting star fabric for the inside and decided to go with a big button and elastic to close it rather than ties and was really happy with how it turned out

I think these are such a great idea.  It makes the crayons portable and help the kids with their small motor skills as they learn to take them in and out of the little pockets as well as the actual drawing. 

It was so easy to make that I'm definitely going to do more - I have another friend with two littlies so I have a good excuse. 

Oh and if you want to check out 'The Toy Store' go here - The Toy Store 

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