Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Funny.....

This weekend for some reason G and B have done not much else but be pains in the proverbial!!  'He said xyz,' 'no, she's lying, she said xyz,' 'he is annoying me and I need you to get him to stop', 'actually it's her that's annoying me and you need to get her to stop', 'he won't give me that DVD that is ours, he says it's his' ..... and so on and so on and so on.  Of course it doesn't help that both our kids are vocal, articulate and argumentative so it's only going to get worse. 

When the arguing and fighting start to get too much I think back to what my parents would have done and then daydream about banging heads together, washing mouths out with soap and smacking backsides!!

Of course, as I'm not actually going to do that, I try to remember this senario:

Away for a weekend with friends, G and B going hammer and tong and their girl Milly (2.5yrs) intently watching them - head swiveling to one side as G says something, swiveling back to see what B has to respond, then back again until she turns to me and says 'so funny, SO FUNNY!'

Yep the two and a half year old summed it up quite well really I think :-)

For added inspiration I also think of what Nigel Latta has to say on the situation 'Mad Uncle Jessie has just moved in for the next few years'

Though if it carries on for the next few years I think I just might leave and come back when it's all over!!

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