Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 in 2010

Is is Twenty- ten or is it two thousand and ten?  However you say it, this year is going to be a big one for me - not just another year that goes by but one where I get things done.  They may be boring things but at least they'll be something done!

First up are my 3 major goals:

1        Weight Loss

Honestly I debated about putting this up - I was going to leave it as a blank - for two reasons.  First and probably most obvious is that doesn't everyone have this as a NYR???  It's one of those classics that we say and then it goes out the door two minutes later.  Secondly, because I do find this quite an embarassing subject.  The reality is that I should be ultra proud of myself for what I have achieved, and the logical part of me knows this, but the emotional part of me is really sad that I had/have to lose weight and that in essence I didn't care about myself enough to look after me which resulted in the gain.  Though there are also reasons to argue that at the time I did care about myself to not care that I was gaining weight (However those reasons and that argument is definately not going up here sorry!)  This subject therefore is quite emotional for me. 

So reasons to be proud of me:  In total I have lost 42kgs from my heaviest and I have kept it off for over a year now- yay me!!

However why I want to lose more: I have 10kgs to go, 10kgs people, that's nothing yet it's sat there for a year - UGH - and I really, really want it gone!!

I do question whether 10kgs will make much of a difference to me?  I mean really compared to what I was, I'm over the moon, hopping happy so what will it do to lose that last bit?  Hmmmm, don't know, but I'm sure I'll find out along the way.

So .... while I've kept up with the weights over Christmas this week (yeah, the hottest in Wgtn for months!) I have started cardio gym work again.  Hopefully I'll see some results soon :-)

2        Organisation

Another big one for me.  I am terribly disorganised at home.  At work I'm fine but why can't I bring it home??  Things like getting to places on time, making sure the kids notices, books, sports stuff is organised, knowing where things are so I can get to them when needed, keeping track of appointments.  I used to be quite good at it all but as the kids got older and life got busier it went out the door so now it's time to bring it back in.

I've started this already with the simple tool of a diary, making sure I write in it everyday, put everything in it, including a 'to do' list for the really important things and that's just the first step.

Now Organisation also ties in with:

3        Declutter

On the surface our house doesn't look too full - but don't open a cupboard, something may fall out!  We have so much stuff it's just not funny.  It doesn't help that I'm married to the Hoarder from Hell (though maybe he thinks he is too LOL!) but really, we need to get rid of some of it!

Getting rid of it means I'm more likely to be able to find the things we really need, help the kids find their things, know where things are and have space for items that are just plonked where they fit, which then it turn helps us be more organised.

I've made a good start on this.  All my yarn is now out of the lounge, packed away properly, labelled and easy to get at in the roof space.  Made worthwhile by the fact that twice in the last week when I've been asked to do custom-made hats I could find the yarn I wanted immediately and neatly.  On top of that I've taken 5 bags of my 'fat' clothes to the sallies so they're gone (and with it the emotional baggage I had hanging on to them!) and have given some of the kids away to friends.   With a long weekend this weekend I am next going to work on Brittany's wardrobe properly.  Will let you know if I manage it next week.

Slowly but consistantly, if I work on it a little at a time, it will get done!

Oh - the HFH also made a start last week and it was a good one so I'm pretty impressed with him too!!

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