Friday, October 9, 2009

That neglected feeling .....

Well blog, sorry to say you've been a bit neglected this last week and a bit. Life is busy, busy, busy!!

It's school holidays over here in New Zealand and they go so quickly. We've had a very peaceful week though as Brittany went to Taupo with friends so there's been none of that brotherly-sisterly love (otherwise known as fighting!!) happening. To top it off we managed to farm off Gareth for the weekend to Nana and Grandad's - BLISS!!

Not that I don't adore my children but it's nice to have some time out every now and then. Now I'm sitting in my lovely clean, tidy house, dogs at my feet and waiting for Mark to come downstairs so we can go and treat ourselves to coffee down the mall and a bit of shopping time. What's even nicer is that when we come home it will still be clean and tidy.
I have managed to get a few things done - couple of hats, pair of socks and a secret product that I'm working on and can't wait to finish. Hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow and I can show you all.

Well Mark's here so this is a short post, just so you don't feel unloved xxxx

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