Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thula Thula

I've been lucky enough, in my ventures into internet selling, to meet some pretty supportive, creative and wonderfully all round lovely people.

Naomi is one of these and I love her stuff so much I must blog about it and share her creations with you all!

It's nice when you meet someone who reminds you of yourself.  I was taught to knit by my Great-Grandmother and sewing was a passion of my Nana and she was taught her skills by her Grandmother's also.  I laughed when she told me she started out with fashions for her Barbies - me too!!  However, what I haven't done, which she has, is trained as a designer, making her own patterns and sewing for herself.  I really admire that she's following her dream and turning her love for her children combined with her love for designing and sewing into a business.

Her brand name is Thula Thula (pro-nounced t'ula).  I asked her where the name came from and she said that it's a Zulu word meaning 'Hush' (she's married to a South African so there's also that connection as well) and to her it  reflects the innocence of children and their adventurous spirit within.  Her clothes are simple classic cuts for girls and boys, using her love of silhouettes from the 30's/40's.  They're also road tested by her own children so you can be assured of practicality and quality.

Worth a special mention is Naomi's new range, just in it's begining stages, of prem clothes.  There's always a gap in the market for these I feel so it's really nice to see someone taking the time to think of the preemies (and that reminds me, I must hurry up with my preemie items I have in mind!)

Well enough of sounding like an info-mercial (and I have to add here - I'm not one of those bloggers who puts things on because I'm paid to do it (no offence intended to those blogs) but if I've written it up here it's truly because I love the product!!)   Go and check her out:

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